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Escape from the past - a novel by anne infanteOn the way to the ruins at St Helena, once an island prison for men off the Queensland coast, Sally Cooper browses through a booklet on the island’s dark history.

A story on one of the prison’s most famous inmates, William O’Meally, sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter, captures Sally’s interest. As she reads of William’s several escape attempts and of his suicide by hanging, Sally finds herself strangely affected by his photograph; the young man’s hypnotic eyes are filled with intense desperation.

For Sally Cooper past and present are about to fuse. Haunted by William’s plea of innocence, she begins to delve into a mystery that has been buried for a hundred years. Through her freakish connection to the past, where William is living out his last days, Sally is drawn into a race against time.

While piecing together the facts regarding William’s sad plight of heartbreak and betrayal, Sally begins to explore her own past lives, to discover the disturbing truth about her own relationship.

Can she make one final link with the past to disclose the truth about William and clear his name before he is driven to take his own life?

Released December 2010... See Scrapbook for details.

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