Tapes and CDs Available
All material written and sung by Anne Infante. All lyrics included. 


Why Use Affirmations?


Sing Your Way To Health Wealth & Happiness (CD)
Positive affirmations for adults
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Special As I Can Be (CD)
Self-esteem affirmations for children
(260k sample)
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Love Is A Circle CD

Love is a Circle (CD)
Self-esteem affirmations for children
(370K sample - Love is a Circle)

(369K sample - It Just Takes a Little Persistence)

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Women Do Cd  

Women Do (CD) ... NEW
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seasons cd

Seasons (CD)
(281k sample - Hanging On)

(321k sample - Bob Mackenzie
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thinf of It this Way CD

Think Of It This Way (CD)
(261k sample)

Songs to lift your spirits and make your heart sing

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4_dragons CD

The Four Dragons (CD)
(462k sample)

Flight CD

Flight (CD)
(433k sample)