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In 1986 I recorded Sing Your Way To Health, Wealth and Happiness, an audiocassette of positive affirmations for adults. It enjoyed considerable popularity and is still being produced as a CD. At that time a friend, Mike Percival, was working with 'special' children, those with learning difficulties, who did not fit into our education system. Mike began to play my tape in his sessions, with spectacular results. Exposed to positive self-talk, children who had been written off as 'dumb' and 'difficult' began to exhibit extraordinary changes, becoming positive, co-operative and excited by their new found abilities and learning skills, which seemed to blossom.

Mike regularly called me, enthusiastically describing the changes he called miracles. Finally he asked if I'd record a tape specifically for children.

My experience with children was minimal and I didn't know if I could deliver, but I was very open to seeing what I could accomplish. It seemed an exciting and worthwhile project.

The following weekend I sat quietly and opened my mind to the process. Within minutes ideas were pouring through me and I wrote ten songs of self-esteem affirmations for children. Although I had no way of knowing if they were relevant to children's experience, I loved the songs and couldn't wait to sing them to Mike.

When he heard them he was equally as excited. They were exactly what he'd envisioned; covering all the areas he felt were important. He confirmed his faith in the songs with a generous financial gift, which enabled me to hire a studio and record the affirmations. The cassette Special As I Can Be, positive affirmations for kids was born. It has been enormously successful and, I'm delighted to say, is used in many schools as well as by therapists, counsellors, in courses teaching self-esteem and parenting skills and in children's workshops. Children and adults alike love the songs and they are played in numerous homes, and countless cars on the way to school. It has now been released on CD and as a music book.

I believe self-esteem is the most vital ingredient for the health and well being of ourselves, our children and our planet. Children are under pressures today as never before. They need to know they are unique, special and beautiful beings with inner strengths and abilities to overcome all challenges. Then we can truly look forward to a new generation of happy, healthy, positive adults, respecting themselves, their fellow humans and their environment.

Anne Infante, Brisbane

What others have said about Special As I Can Be

“I have been listening to your tape ‘Special as I can be’ ever since I was in grade 4, when I had terrible self-confidence issues because I was bullied at school.  It made me so happy when I sung the songs. Over the years it was played so much it broke and was put to the side. When I was in grade 10 going in for my exam I found it in a drawer under my bed, and spent about an hour fixing it trying to sticky tape it back together. It served its same purpose and made me happy for school and my exams. I am now in grade 12, preparing for my exams in November, and I have been listening to that tape to and from my way home from school. It makes me feel SOO happy, and I am a naturally happy person now, because I believe I can control my emotions and thoughts to what I want to feel. 

I was driving a couple of my friends home and I put the tape on, we all sang the songs, and they asked me where they could get copies. As my tape is in poor condition I want to buy a CD, so I can put it on my IPod and listen to the songs when I am down. I just wanted to thank you so much, your music has really changed my perspective on life and one day I hope I can give the music to my children if they ever feel down.”

BC, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

"Now, let me just say......I LOVE THIS CD!!!  Just as you said, very catchy (exactly what you need for something to stick) with excellent affirmations.  I couldn’t be more thrilled. It is masterful in its simplicity and perfection, love it, love it, love it ... This lady should be commended for her brilliance. It gave me goose bumps and I could barely eat my lunch I was so excited listening to it. When I saw the list of tracks you have posted I thought, ‘This has the potential to be something really special,’ and it didn’t disappoint. It’s always a bit of a risk investing in a CD you haven’t listened to before and while it was a rare treat to actually get to hear a snippet from her site beforehand, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was too good to be true. I am thrilled to say, it was even better than I had hoped. I couldn’t be happier!" 

JK, Queensland, Australia

"It has been and is still enjoyed by the children in our kindergarten centre. They really like singing the songs. A colleague in Canada is now using it with her children at kindergarten."

RC, Kindergarten Teacher, Healesville, Vic.

"I gave the tape to my young cousins. They were in a rather grumpy mood, four of them in the car ... I produced the tape, which transformed the atmosphere and had us all singing away. They were delighted and I'll be sending for another soon."

MG, West Sussex, UK

"Anne's tapes sold well. I received a note in the mail from a teacher who thought Special As I Can Be is fantastic!"
SW, Australia

"Thank you for all the tapes you've made, especially Special As I Can Be. I lent it to a mother of five. She wrote later, 'Recently we had a bit of a rough patch with our nine-year-old - I haven't been doing so well either. Marie had been crying every morning before school. She has, since the beginning of term, been losing self-confidence to the point where she was heading towards being physically ill. Quite suddenly the tape you sent popped into my head, so out it came. Things have improved greatly and are getting better each day, not only for Marie. It really is a marvellous little tape.' I mention this to you so you can have some feedback and carry on the fantastic work in the knowledge that it's working and spreading."

MT, Carine, WA

"I would like to tell you how much your tape Special As I Can Be has helped myself, my two children and my next-door neighbour's children. I am a single mum and was concerned that through the ordeal my children's self-esteem had taken a plummet. My next-door neighbour has two children the same age as mine; three and six. She suffered a nervous breakdown two weeks ago and I have been minding her children. The tape has helped us all immensely. I don't think that I could have coped as well as I have without it. We drive a lot and on the way to school and Kindy, we all sing along, then again in the afternoon. The next-door children have suffered from depression and the six-year-old has been the happiest the past two weeks than she has been all year. I attribute all of this wonderful change to your tape."

LR, Australia

"This weekend I had the opportunity of listening to your new tape of affirmations for children. I think they are absolutely fantastic! The melodies are delightful - so easy to sing - yet they have a sparkle and creativity that keeps them 'alive' from start to finish. The actual affirmations are also beautifully constructed and I feel they are perfect for children - young and old alike. I will be introducing them to the parents at my 'Making Friends With Your Children' talk as I feel it is an excellent way of getting adults to begin using affirmations for themselves. Congratulations on a truly wonderful creation."

AA, Self-Esteem Counsellor, Brisbane

Where you can get Special As I Can Be

Special As I Can Be CD is available from:

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